Four Applications For Acoustic Underlay Flooring And Why You Would Want It

Acoustic underlay flooring is a product that is installed under your regular wood, laminate, carpet, or vinyl flooring. It is most effective in older homes where there is less insulation in the walls to trap sound, and every noise bounces off the walls and ceiling. It is also effective in gymnasiums where the sound echoes quite a bit, and dampening the noise coming from the floor really helps. The following four applications for acoustic underlay, as well as reasons why you would want to install it, will help you decide if this product is right for your flooring project.

Under a Dance Floor

When ballet or tap dancers dance, the sound of their footfall reverberates through the entire building. It becomes a distraction to other dancers trying to dance, and it tends to make dancers sound like a stampeding herd rather than graceful ballerinas or talented tappers. While dancers still need to learn to dance softly, the floor should still absorb some of the noise and vibrations as a courtesy to others in the studio(s).

Under a Stage Floor

Better acoustics start right on stage. As the sound carries from the stage and lifts to the farthest and highest seats, people want to hear musicians clearly. They want to see dancers and not really hear them. (That goes for tappers, too! Some tapping sounds are expected, but each strike of the foot should be as individual as the dancer.)

Of course, with a wood or tile stage floor, there has to be something under the flooring to deliver better acoustical sound. Many stages have storage areas underneath, which can fuzz up the sound a bit. Having a sub-floor with acoustic underlay followed by the main flooring eliminates the problems of the storage space underneath while delivering perfect sound (or no sound, ballet dancers!) to the audience.

Between Floors in a Multi-Unit Apartment Complex

Multi-unit apartment complexes tend to have very little sound proofing. This creates problems for many people in a building. If you have a tenant that works third shift trying to sleep in an apartment underneath a family with three children under the age of 4 running back and forth over their floor during the day, you are going to have one very cranky tenant. You might even lose this tenant because he/she cannot get any sleep with the constant thudding of children's feet, and the feet of the adults chasing them, overhead.

If you rip up all the current flooring on each floor above the first one and install acoustic underlay flooring before installing new top flooring, you will cut a lot of that noise down. Your day-sleeping tenants will sleep better. Your families with children at home all day will not have to worry about bothering the neighbors with the activity and noise of raising a young family. Plus, you will increase the resale value of your tenement building, if you ever decide to sell. Everybody wins.

Under Movie Theater Floors

With all that surround sound technology in a movie theater, you probably would not have guessed that they use acoustic underlay flooring under their theater carpeting. In fact, that is a very big part of how they can make such surround sound technology and stadium seating work for them. The noise from all of the speakers is bounced off the floors and back into the room. Moviegoers can get crystal-clear sound with all of the realistic vibrations of being in the movie scene without actually being on the set when the film was shot. Think about that the next time you are going to the movies to watch an action film.

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